What’s all this about?


This blog is about classic rock n’ roll song lyrics that are relevant today in defining and dissecting societal issues that are currently affecting us. The songs, and, of course, the bands must have been on the radio in the 50’s, 60’s and/or 70’s.

A Michael Jackson song could be used, but it would probably have to be “Ben”… in the same vein, hundreds of David Bowie songs would be available for dissection and societal profiling, but only the songs he recorded prior to 1980. The groups are not grouped, they just have to have been popular. Depeche Mode, Muddy Waters, Bo Diddley, Genesis, Yes, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Rush, The Who, The Grateful Dead, Jan and Dean, The Beach Boys; as long as they were on the radio between 1950 and 1979 they belong here.

My goal is to select lyrics of songs that can be used to define societal woes today. If you have any suggestions for lyrics and how they reflect on serious societal issues affecting mankind today, let me know and I will do my best to include them.

Thanks, and

Welcome to my nightmare. Woo-ooh-ooh-oh.


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  1. christyb says:

    Great layout you have going here! I’m ready to rock (now about the ‘roll’ part…)

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