Love Reign O’er Me.

“Only love, can make it rain. The way the beach, is kissed by the sea. Only love, can make it rain. Like the sweat of lovers, lying in the field. Love, reign o’er me.”


For those of you who would love to hear The Who sing the opening song to Quadrophenia,


Some say it’s a writer’s job to suffer. To taste the ultimate highs and the ultimate lows before putting pen to paper. Or finger to laptop (no, not lap top, laptop! The song’s about love, not lust – that’s “Teenage Daydream”). A writer needs to taste the hollows of emptiness, the sorrows of loss and the temptations of temptation. Bullshit!

No, writers are of two stripes; those who are born with the talent to strings words in a row, so that others hang upon each and every forthcoming…

(and now, a message from our sponsor)

… word, and those who learn their craft through hard work and aspiration. (Yes, yes, perspiration too, don’t get pushy! I’m the one writing here…).

Writers write for song, movie, TV, magazines, newspapers. And, yes, blogs and even the odd article mill here and there. Some say that only the successful write what they want, because only the successful can afford to do so.

I write.

I write because I enjoy it. I write because I can. Well, some of you may argue that point. And, yes, I would fight for your right to be wrong.

Taking a look at life through some Who songs, we see how life differs from now and when hippies ran naked through the streets, singing “Kumbaya, my Lord, kumbaya”. Now, they only run naked through the streets for a gay and lesbian pride festival parade.

Sometimes I wonder if wars are nothing more than a means to cull the number of people on the planet. Rampant overpopulation, which recently surpassed 7 Billion people. Nowhere near enough food and water for everyone. Maybe all of the natural disasters, coupled with all of the violence in the world these days, will spell the end of mankind as we know it. Your next address could well be “Cave #3, Nook #17, cot #328, the middle of Death Valley”.

Love, Reign O’er Me. It’s better than bombs.

Only love can make it rain? When we’re talking about North Korea and Iran possibly joining forces to monopolize the oil, the oil transfer routes and the poppy trade, under the threat of both Israeli annihilation and first strike nuclear warfare (NK has the bomb that Iran wants so badly; it’s really just a matter of time as NK needs a major economical lift, and they have what Iran has. When their two armies are combined it would become the largest in the world).

Love. It’s better than the alternatives.


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