Cut My Hair


“Why should I care, If I have to cut my hair?
I’ve got to move with the fashions, Or be outcast.
I know I should fight, But my old man he’s really alright,
And I’m still living at home, Even though it won’t last.”

*Please open this link, it will open in another window, allowing you to come back to this window to read the post, all the while listening to this song that defined a British generation;


Okay, The Who’s “Quadrophenia” is, beyond any manner of doubt, the first and the best rock opera ever written. Following the life of an underachiever, a teenager lost in love, lust, drugs and living in an oppressive society. Sex, drugs, rock and roll. They not only define a generation, they become the focus of suicidal maniacs.

The movie “Quadrophenia” not only tells a story, it is also one of the best classic rock and roll albums of all time. Consider songs like “5:15”, “Love Reign O’er Me”, “Zoot Suit” and “Bellboy”. This is not solely my opinion, it is fact compiled from record sales, advertiser interest and Internet presence.

Unless joining the army, or some other zoot suit clamoring, boot-stomping, neo-nazi organization, there is no reason that men have to have brush-cut hair. Prior to 1900, long hair on men was not only fashionable, but also a sign of prosperity, health and vigor.

It's me or your mother's basement, son!

The youth of today are living with their parents for longer and longer periods of time before moving out on their own. Even after marriage a lot of couples opt to live with one of the happy couple’s parents; usually the ones that are more well off, have the nicer house, the nicer location. Makes sense, more room and all. But is this is a sign of morality at large? Many of these couples are saving for their first home, yet take extravagant trips and enjoy their youth at the expense of their parents.

Parents are responsible for their children until they come of a certain age, get married, or have a good enough job to cover their living expenses. With the way the economy is tanking worldwide, people planning on having families should make sure that they own large parcels of land, on which to build small villages to hold all of their breed. Think Quonset huts and assault rifles!

Almost, cut my hair. It happened just the other day.

In high school, I had hair that went to my belt. And, yes, I wore faded Levi’s and rock concert t-shirts under a faded Levi’s red-tab denim shirt. I saw the Grateful Dead, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, The Who, Neil Young, and, yes, even Bo Diddley. If anyone were to show up at a rock concert, a high school or any other public place wearing jeans whose belt line was around their knees, they would have had the beating of their lives rained down upon them.

Almost, cut my hair. It happened just the other day!

Much like Crosby, Stills Nash and Young, I almost cut my hair once. I mean at the back – I’ve had short bangs since college, only because it’s expected in the work force. Ponytails can be hidden under shirts with collars, much like tattoos, and I got away with it my entire professional life. I was teaching USAF pilots how to use flight simulators in a few USAF air bases throughout the deep south-eastern States, and not one of these good old boys were offended when they saw my hair outside of the offices. I was given full use of a cottage, speed boat and fishing boat, RVs and Sea Dos while teaching these top guns, and became great friends, enjoying the extremes of excitement.

I was taken up in an F-16 Eagle, and we flew over the length of the Grand Canyon in less than a half of a minute.  I spent more time playing than working, and there was never any questions or fallback for my having long hair. Even when talking to the base’s CO, the training officers and pilots.

Sometimes you have to fight for what you believe in. Sometimes, you are fighting for no reason at all, because the ones you’re fighting against have no qualms with you or your ways; it’s all in your mind, and you’re the one you should be fighting with.

If someone tells you to get a haircut, offer them a free consult at a local psychiatric office, or an insane asylum. Everyone is welcome to their own opinion, it’s whether or not they should be saying them out loud is the problem.


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  1. I love the message in the end, “you’re the one you should be fighting with.” Doing what I like have been much of a struggle this day as people are so judgmental, forcing me to reflect on myself through the lenses distorted by their perspectives. It would be hard but still it is worth all the effort at the end of the day (:

    • Thanks for the visit, Yang! Always a pleasure!

      When you feel that you need to fight for yourself, you are in the wrong place, with the wrong people or doing something the wrong way. You should never feel that you have to struggle to be accepted by others – don’t worry about what others think, just live your life the way you are happiest – you’re only given one chance at life, there should be no struggles to fit in, just concentrate on your own quality of life, not others.

  2. christyb says:

    Can you post a pic of you with the long hair?! This blog has lots of possibilities my friend, good work.

    • I wish! I lost everything i owned to a flood in the “Great Ice Storm” we had in 1998. We were in a bungalow, but me and my girlfriend at the time lived in the sub-basement, my buddy and his girlfriend upstairs – no power for over 5 weeks (we were the last street to get power in Ottawa) so we moved temporarily to a buddy’s in Rockland, and when we went home there was about 3 feet of water in the sub-basement. The only pictures I own have been taken since, or were borrowed from family

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