Rock and Roll Suicide.


“Oh no love, you’re not alone. You’re watching yourself but you’re too unfair.

You got your head all tangled up. But if I could only make you care.

Oh no love, you’re not alone. No matter what or who you’ve seen.

All the knives seem to lacerate your brain. I’ve had my share, I’ll help you with the pain.

You’re not alone.”


If you would like to hear this song performed live, click here… (source; Youtube)


*Note: The thin white duke, in all of his androgynous glamor, is one of the better lyricists around. Icons like Andy Warhol, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed and Freddy Mercury (Queen front man) have all listed David Bowie as one of the reasons that they either stay with music or got into it in the first place. With albums like “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars”, “Diamond Dogs” and “Aladinsane”, the average music lover may find his songs lacking some quality. However, the true music fans, those who listen to the lyrics and realize that this man changes his persona for each new album, realize that he is one of the kings of classic rock and roll. Outdone in poetic lyricism by Jim Morrison alone, (in the rock and roll genre) Bowie, known as “The Thin White Duke” was perhaps his best when collaborating with Freddy Mercury and Queen on “Under Pressure” and “Pretty Young Things”.


Personal dissatisfaction is at an all-time high. People put pictures of themselves from decades earlier on social networking sites; what, did they think that when they met their true love online, under the guise of who they once were and not who they are now, that their new-found love would just figure that maybe it was the only picture you had of yourself?

When talking to someone online, you never know who you’re really talking to. It could be the real thing, or a person who hides behind the anonymity that the Internet provides. When you don’t have to talk face-to-face anymore, why bother showing your real face? When you’re unfair with yourself, how can you expect to find love in the electronic meat bar?

There will be some who will take you no matter what you look like, just for the companionship that you offer, the smile that you bring and the warmth that you envelop them with. These are known as “real people”. Just imagine, people saying what’s really on their mind all the while not hiding behind a veil of anonymity? It happens all the time; in bars, at work, in parks and recreational venues. You can actually ski outdoors on hills, in case you weren’t aware of this; you don’t need a nice, big LED HD TV and a Wii Move game system in order to experience downhill skiing, bowling, football, baseball, hockey, and, yes, even sex. You can actually go outdoors and experience the real thing. It’s called nature, and people used to flock to it before the Internet, and, shortly thereafter, motion sensor capable gaming systems.

When rock and roll mattered the most, a great number of the most influential lyricists committed suicide or died of drug overdoses. At a time when autopsies were a tad on the primitive side as compared to today, that number could change drastically. Imagine if all of the rock musicians who died untimely deaths (well, are any deaths really timely?) would have lived 20, 30 more years, long enough to have collaborated. Who would Jim Morrison have wanted to jam with the most? Who would Jimi Hendrix have wanted to play his riffs for? Who would Janis Joplin have had on her Merry Christmas Special?

Just remember, as you walk alone, as you sit at home, surfing the Internet looking for unseen companionship; you’re not alone. Life’s never all that bad that there’s just no recourse but to jump from the Golden Gate bridge at lunch time, there’s always better days ahead. You just have to be willing to put up with a few idiots along the way, but the paths are line with real people; people who ski on ski hills and talk to people face-to-face.




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