Brain Damage

“The lunatic is in my head.  The lunatic is in my head
You raise the blade, you make the change, You re-arrange me ’til I’m sane.
You lock the door, And throw away the key
There’s someone in my head but it’s not me. “

There’s a lot of people claiming stress, anxiety and depression as reasons to applying for disability pensions for one basic, simple and rather obvious reason; these are the easiest medical problems to fake. The number one position for false disability claims used to belong to “the sore back”. However, MRIs and CT scan tomography ruined the parade for many who were on long term disability pensions from their place of employment, usually the silly service. What’s a little white collar crime amongst white collar workers? Well. the advent of zoom cameras helped to catch a lot of cheaters, but there’s just too many to keep  tabs on nowadays.

My Brain Hurts!

Can it be proven that someone is not under strenuous levels of stress? The winner, of course, is the fully able-bodied worker who would rather sit at home and play video games than go into work and be productive. The loser, of course, is everyone else. These nimrods that collect disability under nefarious circumstances are all weighing down the system, meaning that the people who really are unable to work due to medical reasons have to get by on much less money than they would otherwise have to. Well, you’d like to think so, but the reality is that if they caught every single cheat out there, the government would simply pat themselves on the back and funnel the savings into a new Senate chair.

You rearrange me ’till I’m sane.

Breathe, breathe in the air. Don’t be afraid to care.

All in all, pretending to be someone else, or to be in a mental state that disallows working are two very common and recent plagues on society. Paying for health care is a great idea; everyone should have access to health care without having to sell the family home, the car and 2/3rds of the children. This is especially hard for 1 or 2 child families. But for those who direly need medical assistance on sound medical grounds should not be forced to live on about 1/2 of the poverty level just to get medical benefits, because the minimum wage paying jobs don’t offer it. When your sick, sometimes you’re better off on social assistance than working, and that’s a sad, sad reflection on politics, and society today.

‘Cause I’m the Taxman! "Cause I'm The Taxman! That's Why!

Maybe Americans don’t quite realize just how overtaxed Canadians are. There’s a very good reason that professional athletes who play for Canadian teams and live in Canadian cities get paid in American funds, and have their contracts based on American laws and taxes. In Canada, taxes on income of over $85,000 is over 50%. Then, add 15% harmonized sales tax (HST) to all transactions at stores, cars, boats, sports gear, clothing, groceries, baby strollers, electronics, most foods and all services.  If they sell it, make it, move it or show it, if the produce it, film it, provide it or help you with it, they tax at.  So, making $1100 a month in disability pension earnings sees over 1/2 spent on rent, then add utilities and groceries to those expenses, and they expect the disabled to clothe themselves and pay for their own personal rehabilitation facilities like swimming pool time, bus fare, insurance, gym memberships; they don’t give a living wage is the problem. They actually expect the disabled to work while collecting disability benefits. Then, they clawback 50% of all earnings that the disabled earn. Lottery winnings? Clawed back. Win big at the casino? Clawed back. An extra, unexpected expense? Your problem.

“Ya gotta be out of your brain to write these laws.

There’s Someone In My Head, But It’s Not Me…

My Brain Hurts!

It seems perhaps that the lunatic is on the loose, and has attacked those in the seats of power and final decision for state run disability pension programs.

Maybe we should check all politicians for brain damage before they are allowed to run for office, and be able to have them removed from office with any petition garnering over 100,000 votes. I bet they would have really short tenures until someone actually listened to the people instead of listening to the Senate. There’s just no rearranging these guys ’till their sane; it’s way too late for lobotomies. They’ve have already been performed. That was part of Politics 101 at Stanford.

When a few Pink Floyd lyrics from their more acid-induced writing days can be relevant today as far as societal problems and political idiosyncrasies are concerned. It’s like saying “military intelligence” or “happy marriage” — they just don’t exist in mainstream society. Sure, a few marriages last well into their 50th and even 60th anniversaries, but that’s the exception not the rule.

I Promise to Love You 'Till the Day I Kill You

The average marriage doesn’t even last 15 years anymore, where not 200 years ago a divorce was almost unheard of. There were, however, an inordinate number of widows and widowers back then, though. Maybe that’s more a reflection on law and order (the reality, not the TV show) than on the times, but it seems that when people had unrestricted access to guns and ammunition, couples just stayed together, ’till death did they part.

And politicians acted in the best interest of the people. Not corporations, oil companies and the ruling parties of other countries, but the people whose money they spend.

Maybe there’s a case for a gun in every home, just like in the heehaw State of Texas! But grenade launchers should still be restricted to political critics.



“Now that I’ve found somewhere safe.  To bury my bone.  And any fool knows a dog needs a home.  A shelter from pigs on the wing.”

In case you missed it, the pigs are the politicians and the dogs are the disabled. The bone is what they’re given to live off of. Sure, it’s better than nothing, many will say. But if you’re going to claim to offer universal health care, then provide it.


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