Pleased to Meet You, Won’t you Guess My Name?

Hi. How are you? In the greater good of society I do claim my calling, and to the destitute I do harken your circumstance, but bear with me as I need to placate a growing number of Natives who wasted what billions and billions of dollars of your money that we gave them so far, as we give them more and more. No matter that land claims settlements have been going on since we originally purchased the land from them for a song (a song well oiled with whiskey and guns, but a song none the less), not a year goes by without another land claim lawsuit being leveled against the federal government. It’s actually the government’s fault for falling for this ruse the first time and paving a yellow brick road for future claims. Now, every single reserve gets millions of dollars a year from the government, yet most live in abject poverty while the band leaders live in luxury.

A small reserve in Northern Ontario gets over $16 Million in 2011 alone, yet 90% of the residents live in lower than third world conditions. The government, fearing bad press, sends in 23 modular homes and a few more million dollars, along with an outside account investigator to figure out what happened to all the money. Is it any surprise, then, that the accountant is forced out of the reservation by the band leaders? Nothing to hide my patootie!

But What’s Puzzling You, Is The Nature of My Game.

Confused? That’s the devil’s work! Yes, “The Devil made me do it” is the rallying cry of those who bilk the government of money. When someone is caught earning a few extra dollars a month working from home while on Disability pensions, they not only lose their benefits but get charged with felony criminal charges. Fair?

Let Me Please Introduce Myself, I’m a Man of Wealth and Taste.

I’ve been to a few native reservations in the north; Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba and the Northwest Territories, as well as New Brunswick and Labrador. You see tar paper shacks and kids running around in old, dirty clothes, yet every shack has a brand new, gigantic pickup trick. like an F-350, a new fishing boat, Ski Dos and Sea Dos.

So if you meet me, have some courtesy, Have some sympathy and some taste.
Use all your well learned politics, Or I’ll lay your soul to waste.

The Indian Land Claims Act needs to be rewritten, at the very least. Taxpayers are being taken advantage of. Why is it that all of a sudden, every Native community has a land claim lawsuit that goes back to the Constitution and earlier? If a dam is to be built or an oil or mineral exploration and/or mining site is to be developed, another lawsuit pops up. It never seems to be enough that the nearby Natives are offered the best high paying jobs at these mines and exploration sites, and improvements made to their reservations. Roads and infrastructure is made, at no charge to them. Not enough. Until our souls are dead or our banks empty, there will always be a lawsuit underway. Why can’t they just lay one gigantic lawsuit for every real and perceived injustice?

But is it the Native’s fault for trying these lawsuits, or is it the government’s fault for settling these claims out of court?


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